Personal Loans and Lines of Credit

personal loan

Life is an unpredictable journey, full of beautiful experiences and unexpected challenges. At One Vision, we understand that sometimes you need financial flexibility to navigate life’s constant changes and demands. That’s why we offer several loan options customized to fit your personal taste or your specific needs.

Personal Line of Credit – Your Lifestyle Lifeline

Get the Cash You Need When You Need It.

Reuse this loan over and over again – just like a credit card, but without the plastic. You choose. You can borrow up to your limit, make minimum payments, and reuse your available credit again and again. Repeat as many times as you need as long as your line of credit is in good standing.

  • Flexible: There when you need it, but you don’t have to use it.
  • Convenient: Linked to your account for easy transfers, anytime day or night
  • Overdraft protection: Can be used to cover overdrafts in your checking account.
  • Unlimited uses: Personal expenses, car repairs, vacation, and anything else you need.

Whatever, Whenever Personal Loan

Whatever, whenever.

Seriously. These personal loans can cover just about whatever expenses you have, wheneveryou have them!

The perfect wedding? Sure.
Family cruise? That too.
New appliances? Yep.
Car Repairs? Of course!

Our easy, breezy, whatever, whenever loan offers:

  • Ability to simply sign your name as collateral
  • Easy payment options
  • Low, competitive fixed rates

Any Season, Any Reason Loan

Let’s face it. Life happens…

And sometimes when it does you need a little extra cash.

Whether it’s extra money for the holidays, repair a burst pipe in your basement, or maybeyou’re just looking to go on a little getaway. The Any Season, Any Reason Loan from One VisionCredit Union is the perfect solution!

Receive $1,000 at 12% APR* for up to 12 months! No Credit Check!

Use the funds any season, any reason, wherever you need it the most.

Loan available only to established Members in good standing. Must have an active account, with direct deposit/deposit of payroll checks and at least 3 debit withdraws a month.

Member can only have one Any Season Loan at a time. $25 processing fee. Not eligible for Skip Payments. Other terms & conditions apply.

APR – Annual Percentage Rate. One Vision Credit Financing Example: A Loan of $1,000 at 12% APR for a 1-year term would result in a monthly payment of approximately $88.85.