Fee Schedule

Effective as of 12/1/2021

Account TypeFees
Courtesy Pay Fee Member Qualifies for $500 Limit (draft, ACH, debit card, iPay(billpay))$15.00 ea.
Close Account (within first 6 months of opening account)$10.00 ea.
Paper Statement (Per Statement Cycle)$3.00 ea.
Re-open Account Fee (within 6 months of closing)$10.00 ea.
Paper Statement (Per Payment Cycle)$3.00 ea.
NSF Fee/Courtesy Pay Fee/(draft, ACH, debit card, ePay with Vision)$30.00 ea.
Stop Payment Fee (draft, ACH, ePay with Vision)$30.00 ea.
Overdraft Transfer from Shares$3.00 ea.
Overdraft Transfer from Line of Credit Loan$10.00 ea.
Excessive Share Savings Withdrawal Fee – limit of 6 permitted per calendar month$5.00 ea.
Excessive Money Market Withdrawal Fee - max of 6 withdrawals (limit of 3 by check)$5.00 ea.
IRA Transfer/Close Account Fee$50.00 ea.
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal Fee (January 1 - September 30)$5.00 ea.
Inactive Account Fee (12 months w/ no activity, no other relationship and balance < $250.00)$10.00 mo.
Returned Check Fee...
-For the members' check drawn on another financial institution
-For non-member check drawn on another financial institution
$30.00 ea.
$15.00 ea.
Return Mail Fee (Bad physical, mailing)$5.00 ea.
Share Draft Copy Fee$5.00 ea.
Records Copy Fee (account histories, etc)$5.00 ea.
Reprint of Original Account Statement$5.00 ea.
Business Currency Order (greater than $1,000.00 or more than 1 per day)**$3.00 ea.
Deposit Verification (15 or more checks in a single deposit)$3.00 ea.
Foreign (International) Check Deposit Fee$15.00 ea.
Debit Card/PIN Replacement Fee$10.00 ea.
Card Order Rush Fee$35.00 ea.
ACH Origination/Maintenance Fee$10.00 ea.
Domestic Outgoing Wire Transfer Fee$20.00 ea.
International Outgoing Wire Transfer Fee$50.00 ea.
Incoming Wire Transfer Fee$10.00 ea.
Teller Check (Non Certified Funds) Check Fee - Members only payable to third party$2.00 ea.
Money Order Fee$1.00 ea.
Cashier’s (Certified Funds) Check Fee - Member & Share Branch Member$5.00 ea.
Payroll Check Cashing Fee...
-with no share draft (checking) account, saving balance less than $250
$5.00 ea.
Check Cashing Fee (non-member)
- $101.00 - $2499.00 (Over 18)
- $2500.00 +
$5.00 ea.
$5.00 ea.
$10.00 ea.
Lost/Replacement Check Item Fee$15.00 ea.
VISA Gift Cards - member$3.50 ea.
VISA Gift Cards - non-member$5.00 ea.
VISA Card/PIN Replacement Fee (charged to VISA account)$10.00 ea.
Pre-Paid Reloadable VISA Card
- Purchase
- Reload Fee
$6.00 ea.
$3.50 ea.
Pre-Paid Reloadable Travel VISA Card
- Purchase
- Companion Card Purchase
- Reload Fee
$6.00 ea.
$2.50 ea.
$3.50 ea.
Loan Payoff Fax/Mail Fee (Mortgages and Vehicles)$20.00 ea.
Fax or Copy Service Fee$1.00 per page
Account Research/Reconciliation Fee (1hr minimum)$25.00 hr.
Garnishment/Levy Fee$20.00 ea.
Coin Verification Fee (minimum charge $0.50)** (Up to $5.00 loose change can be taken at teller window)3.00% ea.
Cash Advance Processing Fee$5.00 ea.
Notary Services$5.00 ea.